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Nations  in  your  hands

Today, our mandate from the Lord is to earnestly pray for our country. The Holy Spirit does impress this point upon me now as never before. This is an urgent message that must be conveyed to every child of God. The welfare of our nation is indeed in our hands. We are responsible for the welfare of our country. You are born in this country for the Lord’s specific purpose. The Lord wants us to be patriotic towards the nation that supports us. Christ cried out for Jerusalem. Paul chose to be cursed to save his countrymen. Daniel opened the window three times every day, and prayed. The patriots, prophets, and stalwarts including Ezra, Nehemiah, and Esther prayed for their native countries. ‘How can I face the destruction of my own people?’ was their lament.

Today, the Lord wants us to travail for our country. I remember during the earlier days, soon after my salvation in the Lord, there were fasting and all night prayers every where. People were pouring out their hearts and crying out to the Lord. ‘Send us the revival oh Lord. I too, was filled with this burden, and was zealous about it. During the 70’s and 80’s the Lord touched many young people in India. The churches began growing in numbers from hundreds, to thousands. But lately, the number of people who pray with such passion and fervor has greatly reduced. All night prayers are seen very rarely these days. Today if there are any, they are held for the private group. The result is seen clearly in the present condition of our country.

Terrorism abounds. Divorce rates are mounting high. Racism is on the increase.

Pornography has become quite common. Men are crazy after money and materials. Premarital sex and abortions are common even among the teenagers. Atheism is widely spread. Homosexual marriages are legally accepted. People have indirectly asked God to step out of their families, educational institutions and the like.

Fighting between political parties has reached an all-time low standard. Everyone is at odds with one another. The enemies of the Lord seem to be, becoming stronger as the days go by. Telecommunication channels are the tools of the devil. Evil forces are becoming more and more courageous in coming against Christ and His church. Gangsters, who were very rare in earlier days, has been institutionalized now. The country is filled with every kind of abomination and injustice. The people are at a total loss.

We cannot blame the people, or our leaders, for our state of affairs. The liability rests squarely on our shoulders. Our failure to pray for the welfare of our country has brought this nation to its lowest level. There is no escape from total destruction unless we, the children of God raise our voices to the Lord. Unless and until we intercede for our nation, the country will certainly be turned into the ‘Dead Sea’. When I see our future as a nation, with the prophetic gaze, I shiver.

But at the same time, many men of God are assuring us that great revival is imminent here. This is the silver lining that provides hope. This country, as a whole, is coming to the Lord. If not, we will see massive destruction. There will either be devastation or total revival. It’s black or white – no in between. Either the country will know its God, or it will die. We must realize that the country has not received its true freedom. We are yet to receive our freedom from the spirits of darkness, from the abominable idolatry, from the spirits of murder, fornication, and adultery. As days go by, the country is sinking deeper into the mire. Any child of God who is not seriously concerned about this will certainly be accountable to God.

The Lord has been speaking to me more often these days about the following Biblical truths, upon which will now meditate.

Primary advice

‘Therefore I exhort first of all that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks be made for all men, for kings and all who are in authority, that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all Godliness and reverence. (I Tim.2:1)

This is the major piece of advice the Lord is giving us today. He starts this with the phrase, “FIRST of all”. Though there are hundreds of examples of advice in the Bible, this one is called THE FIRST. This is the most important of all. Paul counseled, offering many warnings and bits of advice. He instructed Timothy about how the church should assemble, the qualifications of the bishop, the gifts of the Holy Spirit, leading a holy life, and many other topics. But among them all, the primary advice was this: Pray for all men and our rulers. This is the first and foremost law of the Lord.

The early church prayed regularly for their country and their leaders every time they assembled. Here infact, Paul is speaking about the church order. Invariably, when we come together as a church, we follow different rites of worship. We sing, preach, pray and finally end with a benediction. But according to the advice of Paul, the church should never disperse before praying for the welfare of the nation. My honest appeal to all the leaders of the Church is this: as a church, please pray for at least 10 minutes for the welfare of your country, fellowmen, and leaders, every time you gather. You will be pleasantly surprised at the way the Lord will move over the country. This is the secret of the Korean church. Every time they came together as a church they never failed to pray for their country. The Lord has established the Church here for the very purpose of covering our nation in prayer. Therefore, any church that does not pray for the country and the welfare of its people, is one that has failed in its responsibility. My dear believers, the very first item on your prayer list should be our national leaders and your country men. All others, such as the requirements of your church, your family and personal prayer requests, should be subsequent to these. This is the counsel that Paul gives.

I constantly preach that the church should live victoriously with all the gifts and fruit of the Holy Spirit. But why do we need the gifts or the fruit? Why must the church be holy? Why should the believers be blessed with many blessings? Why is the church even on this earth? It is only to be a blessing to the nation; to bring the kingdom of God on the earth that all people be blessed through the church. If this is true, what purpose is served by a church that doesn’t pray for their country men and their leaders? Will you not give priority to the needs of the nation rather than to your own petty needs?

First Fruits

The Lord is aware of your predicaments. Even though, He requires us to pray for the nation first. God sent the prophet Elijah to a widow. Her story was really pathetic. The country was in the grip of a severe famine. Her husband had expired and she had only a young son. Poverty ruled her circumstance. She had almost come to the tether end of her life. As a matter of fact, she was in the process of gathering some dry wood to bake her last bread, to eat it and die.

God certainly knew her condition. Yet He sent His prophet to her. He initially asked for water and when she was about to bring it, he asked her to bring a loaf of bread. This request totally dismayed the woman. She lamented, ‘I have only a fistful of flour and some oil. My son and I decided to eat it and die.’ (I Kings 17:9-16) Do you know how the prophet replied? “Fear not. Go and prepare according …” (I Kings 17:13, 14)

Yes dearly beloved, God is speaking to you. You are totally immersed in your problems. And yet the Lord says, “Pray according to my list, rather than your own.” Before you pray for you or your family, pray that my kingdom may come upon this nation. Will you speak like the widow? Do you lead a selfish life worrying all the time about yourself, your family, your church, your ministry etc.? Or will you pray first and foremost for your country and your leaders? Will you not obey wholeheartedly the Word of God? Will you decide today that above all you will pray for the President, members of the Senate, Government officials, and even the leaders of the opposition?

All this will be added unto you

Do you lament that with hundreds of requirements of your own, how on earth will you pray for the nations too? The widow of Zarephath lamented in this manner. But, do you know what? The prophet asked for her first bread only to bless her. When she obeyed the direction of the Lord, her entire family was nourished during famine. Perhaps her family was the only one without lack during the famine. Later on, she had the added blessing of her son coming back from death. This is the kind of blessings we receive when we obey God wholeheartedly. When you are concerned about only your needs and that of your family, and forget the larger interests of your country, the Lord cannot bless you. This is the unchanging law of the Lord. That is why He said, “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things will be added unto you.” (Matt.6:33) Unbelievers are worried about their own needs. But the children of God seek the Kingdom of their Father first. As a loving Father, He takes care of His children and provides all their requirements, including food and shelter. This is how the children of God should desire to live.

Beloved, do not be concerned with your temporal requirements. Our God who takes good care of even the little birds will certainly not abandon you. The one who clothes even the lilies of the wild will clothe you in the choicest fineries. When we seek His kingdom, will He not seek our well being? Do you remember Ruth’s mother-in-law, Naomi? Did she not earnestly desire for Ruth to be married? Do you think your heavenly Father will be any less concerned that Naomi was? Didn’t He tell you not to worry about tomorrow? Doesn’t He know more about your requirements than you do? If so, is it right for you to continue to linger in unbelief?

From this day forward, cast all your burdens, worries and needs upon Him and be concerned only about His heart’s desire. Listen to His first and foremost advice and pray for your country and its welfare. Try this for some time and see what happens in your life. Countless blessings will come upon you even before you realize it. As a man of God, I challenge you.

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