And Moses built an altar and called its name, The-LORD-Is-My-Banner… (Ex.17:15; )

Your Captain, the Lord Jesus Christ, is sitting on the highest place of heaven, lifting up His hands for you (Heb.7:25). As long as His hands are lifted up, you will prevail and win. The good news is that His hands will never grow weary (Isa.40:28). Because of His victorious intercession on your behalf, you can march on in victory (1.Co.15:57; 2.Co.2:14). Yes, we are wrestling with principalities and powers, rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places (Eph.6:12). It’s purely a spiritual battle. Victory or defeat is decided in the invisible realm. Jesus, our High Priest, is constantly interceding for you to win every battle of your life.

You have nothing to do in this battle. You just wield the Sword of the Spirit against your enemies. Pick up God’s Word, as David picked up a smooth stone and hit the devil’s forehead. If you are for example attacked physically, you have to quote all the healing scriptures against the devil. If your family is under the siege of the devil, you must quote God’s promises for family blessings. No matter how smart you are in handling God’s Word, ultimately your victory is eternally determined by the One who sits on the heavenly throne.

Every time we win a battle, God wants us to boldly testify about it. Then be careful to build an altar to offer Him your praise heap. Moses built an altar and called it “the Lord is my Banner”. Constant exaltation of Christ’s victory paves the way to your sure victory. Let me repeat. Life in Christ must be a continuous victory . You rally under Christ’s victorious banner. Rise up to your inheritance

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